Here's Some Stuff About Me
I Am Very Cool And This Is My Cool Site
Here's Some Stuff About Me


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This is personal, so get outa here!!!

I am 17 and one thing I hate are people who sniff around through your personal stuff! Yeah, I mean you, you putz in front of the screen! What the hell are ya lookin' at?! Never seen any of these before? It's called a web site - repeat after me - w...e...b s...i...t...e. That's right. So, who invited you here? I hope for your sake and for mine that it wasn't my girlfriend (picture to the right) because she wanted to cheat on me. What did you say, sweetie? Oh, you invited this Schmuck? Figures! She's been cheating on me for a while, I know it. I mean, just look at her! Damn! I think I should kill her, whaddaya say? You really think so? Well, okay.
*BAM!* There! Thanks a lot! You just improved my life tremendously. Maybe we should do something together after I break out of prison...

My Girlfriend


Alright, here's some stuff I like:
- Making money
- Collecting pets
- Making people give me money
- Visiting Outer Space
- Visisting my alien friends, especially Carlos, the illegal alien
- Drawing my nude girfriend
- Killing pepperoni
- The Matrix
- Kicking people's butts
- Being an evil maniac

My sister, I, and Carlos, the illegal alien.