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This is What College is All About

A bunch of guys in their 30’s found a fraternity and get some hot ass…Well at least it’s more fun that way! Will Ferell is the man! He’s also comically chubby – which still didn’t necessarily justify the fact that he ran around naked for five minutes – which proves my theory that Will Ferell is the comedy god. Old School doesn’t necessarily teach morals – except that it’s wrong to sleep with your boss’s underage daughter or that only girls would tell on a guy who was getting it on with the caterer – and it doesn’t necessarily have the best plot ever, but I almost peed my pants: and not because I was stuck in front of the movie theater for an hour and a half after the movie had ended…

This man deserves an Oscar! For what reason, you ask? He shoots himself in the neck with a tranquilizer gun from point-blank range! You can’t fake that! Of course, the award will be stolen from him by somebody like Russell Crowe again…

Will Farell is Frank the Tank

I’m already looking forward to the sequel to Old School…

Old School II: Frank the Tank Meets Faruk the Nuke

You’re my boy, Will!

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