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A Word From our Supporter

Welcome to KGB Toys, Comrade!


Good day, comrade! They call me Boris the Blade a.k.a. the Bullet Dodger. My brothers and I, being former (heh-heh) members of the KGB, have enormous amounts of weapons that were left over after the downfall of the Soviet Union. That is why KGB Toys is your best bet for finding high-quality, solid, Russian-made weapons - unlike that cheap Western crap. Here are some previews of our inventory.


Guaranteed Soviet quality!


Ah, yes. The standard Kalashnikov of every true Chekist.

Robust Fiat

Tank of the Yugoslav Branch

A nice KGB toy is this robust Fiat. It looks common, but it can transform into a mini-tank...

Jerusalem Canteen Bomb

This canteen bomb of our Jerusalem Branch is a very effective camouflaged explosive. Just imagine a traitor's facial expression when he realizes that his canteen is actually a highly explosive device! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Hours of outrageous fun... HAHAHAHAHAHA! I still remember the first time I took out this one guy with one of these babies... Ah, good times, good times...

Greetings by the Marquis de Sade

This is Ivan, our torture specialist. You can either buy the patented whip that he is holding in his hands, or you can actually rent him and his services. Ivan comes with tons of recommendations (mostly by dead Soviet generals) and his own equipment.