"Over that boy hand!"
- Sheriff of Rottingham, Robin Hood: Men in Tights

"Kill illegal forest to pig wild kill in it a is!"
- Sheriff of Rottingham, Robin Hood: Men in Tights
This movie's great...

Man, Steve Colbert had no idea how right he was back in 2000 when he said this:
"This is how I see the next four years playing out:

On inauguration day, George W. Bush will take his oath of office and assume the mantle of the leader of the free world, restoring his fatherís fallen dynasty. And to ensure his legitimacy, Chief Justice Rehnquist will anoint his brow with chrism. Doves will be released and lambs will be slaughtered. Bush will mount a golden chariot. Then, with his agent squire, Dick Cheney, holding a laurel wreath over his masterís furrowed brow, the man who would be boy-king will take his destined throne. And, in a much-needed show of strength, he will drive his enemies before him like leaves before a storm. Heíll make whores of our wives and slaves of our children. He will appoint a horse to the Senate! He will have the oceans whipped for daring to turn their tides without his leave. And while gangs of willowy young boys rub his body with perfumes from Persia and the fat rendered from the corpses of the persecuted poor, all about the fevered crowds will stare worshipfully at their unknowing, unseeing, girlishly-giggling idiot emperorís head. End of Day 1..."

Space Ghost: "Well, you know what they say, Mike: dames are like mustard--they taste good on a sandwich, but if they're not on a sandwich...they just sit there...on a shelf...in a jar...labeled...'mustard'..."

Mike Judge: "Okay."

Space Ghost: "Alright then."